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In my opinion Dragons have always existed and always will. I know this because I once was a dragon. I am no longer because being a dragon became very dangerous I was always being forced to kill humans who discovered or tried to harm me and I don't like killing at all. So I made the decision to turn myself into a human in the hopes that I will be able to educate others about dragons. One day I plan to return to my dragon form but first I have to figure out how. So if you ever see a dragon don't run and don't scream out because they will not harm you unless you give them just cause to. If you are one of those people who think you would enjoy slaying a dragon remember this: You may be killing your best friend because you never know who once was a human and is now... a dragon.

Written 5/24/01 by Celeste

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I know I know... I haven't updated in ages. I'm sorry. This past year... it has been more than a year geez... anyways this past year has been total and complete caos. I have good news though. I've found a good friend of mine that can help me keep this site updated and more interesting. So everone better keep checking in. TTYL. -Danni

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