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The above picture was drawn for me by Elizabeth Kopakolva. Elizabeth is from Russia and lived with my bestfriend for our whole 9th grade school year. I would apprieciate it if you did not copy this picture and use it on another site.

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Welcome to my dragon cell.

Though I may look fierce I am a gentle dragon. I suppose you are wondering why I live in a dungeon. This place has been my home for many hundreds of years. I discovered this place long ago when I was just a hatchling. It was abandoned because of a fire that destoyed most of the buildings above ground but one entrance was left open. That entrance led to the dungeons which survived the fire because they were underground. I love my cozy little home. I am almost completely safe down here. I rarely have visitors and I enjoy that very much. Though sometimes I get a little lonely. When I do get lonly I sometimes tranfer into my human form and live a human life (when my human form dies I always come back to my dragon form.) I have probably met many of you because I have lived many human lives. Well I must go now but I promise I will write more another day.

Posted 6/28/01 by Celeste

It may seem as though I am writing this through the eyes of my dragon form but the truth is right now I am human. My current human forms name is Danielle but most people call her Danni. You can learn all about her at her section of this site--Click here to go there.-- It would be very hard to create this site if I was dragon because I stay in my cell while I am dragon and unfortunately I have no electricity there. So that means it isn't possible to use a computer down there. Now don't be mistaken I am writing this through the eyes of a dragon but I need human fingers in order to put it up here. If ever you need to talk to a dragon I am always available. My human form has created Yahoo and AIM accounts for me. In yahoo messenger my name is-- celeste51 -- In AIM it is-- celesteXVI -- So feel free to contact me any time. Well I will write another time.

Posted 7/2/01 by Celeste

I know it has been forever(human standards) since I last checked up in here to tell you all how I am doing. I'm sorry, Danni has just been so busy. As a human she is very interested in acting and that has been taking up alot of her time. The reason I'm updating now is I am kinda slowed down with a pretty bad cold so I can't go out. Its ok though I expect to be in peak performance again soon. I'm sorry if I confuse you by talking about Danni as me but its almost like I'm talking in the 3rd person when I do because after all right now I am Danni and Danni is me, Celeste, and that isn't gonna change till my human form dies. Since this is my first cycle as a human girl everything is so new to me and I am enjoying all the experiences. Well thats all for now. I've got to get my rest. I'll try to check up again sometime soon.

Posted 2/19/02 by Celeste

The Dungeon