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Everything You Need To Know About Me

Name: Danielle but most people call me Danni.(or sexy!! hehe By:malkolis)

Age: 16, my b-day is April 26, 1986.

Grade: 11th.I am not a big fan of school.

Favorites: I like reading, acting, playing my guitar, and of course working on my web site.

Family: I have 2 sisters Marie, age 13 and Nicole, age 19 and my Mom and Dad.

How I Got Started With My Web Site: I took an internet class at school and the final project was to build a web page. That got me started on the basic stuff but I got so into HTML that I just couldn't stop but soon HTML got boring so I got into java script. My older sister and her friends are computer wizards so they helped me out a little.

Can you help me? I am looking for someone to build a website and develop this one with me. If you are interested and you meet the criteria below,E-mail me(if this link doesn't work for you my e-mail address is

Here is the criteria.
1. Between ages 13 and 20.
2. Have some website building experience.
3. Be VERY creative.
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