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Quotes, Memories, and Other Things

This is the page where I will be placing my favorite quotes, memories and other things of that sort. Many of the things I put on this page will make sense to only those that know me, but if you are extremely perplexed by anything on this page e-mail me and I might let you in on the facts.


"I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."
This is my all time favorite quote. I got it from one of my friends that decided to put together a book of interesting quotes.

"Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side & a dark side, and it holds the universe together."
My second favorite quote. I like this quote for 2 reasons -1. I have a little obsession with duct tape. -2. I like Star Wars.


-I spent 4 hours riding bike with someone I had just met and fell in love with them-

-I took Chad out on a date and almost everything went wrong-

-I got so drunk off mountain dew that I couldn't stop shaking-

-The party I had for my 14th birthday (i know i dont want to remember it either but it is hard to forget)-

-Bill, Lara and I sitting on the kitchen floor at 2 in the morning eating cheese and crackers, Lara says i got to go potty and Bill says "Lara go pee cheese"-

-Brandi going ghetto on my boyfriend cause he doesn't contact me for a week (he had a good excuse)-

-For my 15th birthday party I put blue hair dye in my hair and it rubs off on Damion's face cause I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder-

-Lara blows orange soda out of her nose and it lands on my birthday cake-

-cable dancing-

-Dana and duct tape-

-Ashley gave me a roll of duct tape for my birthday and I was so happy-

-Nicole's LAN parties at our house-

-Hide and seek at Jenny's house after her birthday party, me thinking Jessica disapeared-

-Air Hockey!!!-

-Chad really not wanting us to sing happy birthday to him-

-Brandi going ghetto on Damion for the second time; Ashley pulling a guilt trip on Damion; me being really sweet to Damion; all of those things just so Damion could come to my birthday party-

-Damion insisting on paying part of my family's phone bill cause of our hour long talks when I call him (i hate that it is long distance)-

-Calling Damion at midnight and not telling my parents about it-

-Ashley and I sneaking out of theatre class and never getting caught even though we were running through the halls-

-Aleta, Ashley and I pretending to be Charlie's Angels by running through the halls at school and holding our fingers up like guns and peeking around corners-

-Ashley, Brandi and I being Charlie's Angels at my b-day party and Jeremy being our Charlie-

-Everyone getting grass stains on their cloths at my party cause we were running around outside pretending to be Charlie's Angels or Charlie or a bad guy-

-I scared myself so bad with the horror story I made up about Brandi's barn that I wont go near the place now-

-Brandon being very perverted with Ashley's leg; just her leg not her-

-Me, Damion and Mountain Dew-

-Everyone showing up at the coffee house for a Soulstich concert, then everyone showing up at my house in the middle of no where, oh I guess we are having an unexpected party.-

-Bonfires every weekend (Hmm...I wonder who is gonna be the first to fall in and get burned).-

-Fighting over which weekend the bonfire is gonna be at who's house.-

-Chad and Lauri's parties ROCK!-

-Exactly how much mt. dew did I drink at the NY state fair?-

-Three to four hour talks with Bill about nothing.-


Hmm...i have to find some more things to put here.
This is a very cool site. It has clip-art and you can create your own heading graphics.
I have used this site many times to create headings and other graphics for my site.

Here is a couple of my friends working the pole; hey it's safer than working the corner.
Names in no certain order: Laurie, Ashley, Mandy and someone else I dont know.

Here is the cast of the play I direct. The play is called "The Farmer and Her Sons". It is extremely funny especially when we mess up lines and try to improvise. I am on the end in the black jacket (terrible picture of me). I am the youngest one in my theatre class yet I am one of few student directors. If ya wanna know how the performance went e-mail me.

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