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My Original Sci-Fi/Space Fantasy Stories

This is a collection of short stories writen by me. The first one I wrote for a grade in my 10th grade English class. After that the others are ones I wrote for fun. Hope you enjoy them.

Strange Planet

The feeling of loneliness got worse everyday. I knew I had to stop soon, at the next planet maybe. I had not had any human contact in over 3 weeks. The silence was deafening. Sometimes I would go and sit in the noisy engine room just so I had something to listen to. Other times I would embrace the silence and think back to when everything was different.

I examined one particular memory over and over. It was a nice one from my childhood, the only one I had left of my parents. I was only 6 when the event happened but I could remember it like it was yesterday. My parents were having a big party and for once I got to go. I was so happy. I paraded around the yard with my parents proudly because I knew somehow they were very important and many people had to listen to them. I didnít understand then why they were important only that they were. That night, after the party, I was so exhausted that my dad had to carry me to my room. I fell asleep so safe and secure in his arms. Not long after that night I lost everything and I never felt that feeling of security again.

Every time after I recalled this memory I would fall asleep basking in the remembrance of my parents. Sleep was a dangerous thing on my unreliable ship, so every time I would wake up to the obnoxious clanging of the alarms. This would cause me to jump out of bed in fright no matter how many times I heard the sound.

On this particular occasion the alarm that awoke me signaled a hull leak. The lack of oxygen made the repair difficult and I was extremely sick by the time I was done. I was surprised when I looked out the view screen and saw a lush green planet. My sensors had told me that I was at least 3 days from the next inhabitable planet.

None the less, my ship was falling apart and I knew I had to stop here or I might not make it to the next planet. I started the landing procedure. Even with all the dense vegetation covering the planet I had no trouble finding a clearing that my small craft would easily fit in. With in 15 minutes of leaving space I was stretching my legs in the cool shade of the large strange trees around me.

Suddenly I heard a voice in the distance. It was yelling. "Hurry up I think itís over here." Then a young girl and an old man walked into the other side of the clearing. "What are you doing here?" The old man asked. " I need some parts to repair my ship and a good nights sleep on a soft bed," was my reply. The young girl pulled the man away for a moment and when she returned she was alone. "You must excuse my grandfathers reaction, we donít get many visitors here." " My name is Jaeson, what is yours?" "Katialyna but most people just call me Kat." At this she motioned for me to follow her into the forest.

As we walked deeper into the forest it became darker and darker. Soon I noticed lights ahead. They were strange white lights and they didnít look natural amid the dark green land we were walking through. One other thing seemed strange to me. There were no other people in the small village. All the little huts were dark and quiet, as if everyone and everthing was sleeping. "Where are we going?" I asked the girl. "To a special meeting place," she answered. Just then we entered a huge clearing filled with human like creatures like the one I had followed. Kat stopped just inside the clearing and directed me to enter before her. In the center of the huge mass of people sat an old man, older than the man from my ships landing site. Just the look of this man told me he was to be respected. "Please state your whole name and origin." Said a small man standing at the old mans left.

"My name is Jaeson William Dilario and I was from Earth but am now a wanderer." Angry mutterings broke out among the older members of the crowd. I suddenly got the strong sense that I had made a grievous mistake landing here. To confirm my suspicions two large men grabbed me from behind. I didnít fight them because I knew it was pointless. Instead I asked the old man before me why I was not welcome here. This is what he said. "Many years ago two people like you came and destroyed most of my culture. I was one of the few to survive. The names these people gave us were William and Suzan Dilario. You see you are their son and the only surviving Dilario. So now you too must die."

I knew this was the truth and had known it all along, just now I was forced to believe it. You see I have one other memory of my parents. One I had tried to forget but it still haunted me. I just couldnít picture my parents as cold blooded killers. In a way I was glad it was finally over.

Copyrights held by Danielle Cormier, 2001