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Most of these poems were writen by me, but if you would like to submit a poem to me to be displayed on this page send it to me through this e-mail(you will be given full credit for the creation of the poem)
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My Poems

Dragon Poems

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My Poems

The Darkness

All around me.
I can not see.
Where do I go?
Where do I turn?
It hurts.
It burns.
It will not go.
I am alone.
No one to help.
I am screaming.
No one hears.
I am pleading with it but I know 
it will not go.
I will live forever in the darkness.


	I cowered 
deep inside myself.
Afraid to show.
Afraid to face
my fear.
	I see but not 
with my true eyes.
Around me it is 
black as night
and I am crying.
I don't know
how I got here.
	My heart burns.
My true eyes long 
to see and my nose 
to smell.
	I am afraid to show 
myself for fear they will laugh.
I know I can not show myself.


It flows through
my mind.
Rushing through
the cracks.
Wild, free, and
Filling up my 
creating ideas and
never stopping.

Waters so cold. 
smooth water and
rough water.
Rippling through
my heart and
through my soul.
It causes pain.
It causes fear,
and yet it soothes.
It will never end.

Dragon Poems

Are You Ready

Are you ready to remember
the myths told long ago.
When dragons ruled the fiery skies.
Creaters of legend guard this place.
Seeing all with their mystical eyes.
Begin to believe,
and you will come to see
Wonders of magic so wild and free.


 Dragonflight and dragonfire,
 Dragon fight and dragon desire.
 Soaring on their wings of flame,
 They are impossible to tame.

 Dragons flying in the skies,
 Shrieking their horrible cries.
 Dragons, winging in the air,
 Make us wish we could be there.
 Gliding gracefully above,
 They live and die, despair and love.

 Dragonflight and dragonfire,
 Dragon fight and dragon desire.
 Soaring on their wings of flame,
 They are impossible to tame.

 Dragonfire, from the shell,
 Cooks their younger siblings well.
 Flaming breath, upon the tongue,
 Is given only to the young.
 And the shells from which they rolled
 When breathed on turn to dragon gold.

 Dragonflight and dragonfire,
 Dragon fight and dragon desire.
 Soaring on their wings of flame,
 They are impossible to tame.

 Sires of the mating age
 Get into an awful rage.
 Battling the other males,
 Biting on their necks and tails.
 They're grateful for every breath,
 For dragon males fight to the death.

 Dragonflight and dragonfire,
 Dragon fight and dragon desire.
 Soaring on their wings of flame,
 They are impossible to tame.

 When they've won their mates of choice,
 Sires call with a trumpeting voice.
 The female goes into her cave,
 And this place her life will save--
 For, when there's no cave at hand,
 The dragon dies upon the sand.

 Dragonflight and dragonfire,
 Dragon fight and dragon desire.
 Soaring on their wings of flame,
 They are impossible to tame.

     ---Amanda M. Hayes

Dragon Heart

 Darkness, shadows, silence,
 All concealing what is in the night.
 Look deeper, penetrate the darkness 
 And see what lurks in the heart.
 A sight beyond reality lurks there,
 A sight many fear,
 A dragon in full glory stands,
 Waiting to be heard.
 Many fight it, fearing the unknown,
 Knowing not what they do.
 The dragon does not fight, 
 Wisdom guiding its thoughts.
 Death comes to the dragon,
 Yet it lives still in the heart,
 Which will never forget
 What it felt when the dragon was there.


        Scales, wings, teeth, and claws,
        Wise, all-knowing; creatures of old.
        Flaming breath to kill their enemies and prey.
        Soaring gracefully above the earth;
        Gliding, wheeling, diving.
        Companioned by the wind, which sings beneath their wings.
        Returning home, to hoard and hatchlings,
        Their eyes gleam with secrets.

                                        ---Amanda M. Hayes

Dragon's Dreams

  Oftentimes I sleep. It
  Helps to pass the centuries.
  Sometimes I dream strange dreams. 
  I dream I have a human body, 
  and that I always have. But inside 
  I know that I am Dragon.
  And I am trapped.
  But then I wake, and 
  I know that they are only

Dragons in my head

You mean that there aren't
any dragons
in your universe?

Why not?!

The entirity of your universe is contained
between your ears.

If all of that can fit in there,
You're sure to have room for a dragon or two,
Maybe even a mage or a unicorn or griffon.

I put all of those and more in My universe,
it improved it a lot to see dragons in the cluds
and on the insides of my eyelids,

--whirling, diving, spouting flames,
scales glinting in the sun,
such novble and elegant beasts, really,
something worthwhile to add to your own universe.


The dragon lives
in havoc.
At night it destroys.
At day it sleeps.
But people are in search.
They never find and till
this day they never found,
the dragons cave.
No one ever found the dragon
for the people who did
never returned.
These magnificent creatures
could still live.
by merlin
till this day.

Viper Slim

Other Poems


    When I need to scream
when I need to cry.
    I can always count
on laughter to stay by my side.
    When the worlds on fire
when I'm cold inside.
    I always find something
funny to say on the outside.
    Things go wrong
and I don't want others to know
    I'll laugh and sing and
put on a show
    I still need someone
to make me laugh on the inside
    So that my laughter will
come from the heart
and not my mind


What is wrong with me
am I some sort of freak
or are the people so stuck up
that a freak like me can make them squirm
she yells as if I was going to kill
but I just wanted to be her friend
why are they so scared of me
is it my hair, my teeth, my clothes
is it my personality that made her so scared
or is it that I'm not that popular
having no friends but a special few
lately I am never happy
for I believe I will never be loved
even my friends have begun to leave
so I sit here waiting for dawn
for when the day starts my heart stops dead
knowing I will lose another friend
but I strive on and walk to the bus
then I see her and I smile inside
but it dosn't last long so I hold it back
knowing that it will kill me soon
but hey that would be an improvement
so I wait for a smile, maybe a little one
maybe someday I'll be like you
until then I hope you see
how hard it is to be a freak like me

Paul Robinson

Of Lands Unseen

Come, find me. 
I do not hide, yet I fear you 
shall have trouble disicovering 
where it is I dwell. 

In the garden of poems not yet 
thought of, will you find me 
roaming the rich soils of words 
yet to come. 

Come, join me, 
I await the season of spring 
so I may reap the fruits of 
my dreams and touch that wich 
has never been felt. 

Come, so we may be together 
when the garden blooms. 
Let us walk hand in hand 
through the aisles of yesterday, 
today and tomorrow, of what was, 
what is, and what soon shall be. 

Come, find me. 
Follow the path that I have taken. 
But first you must understand that the 
essence of my thought, lies not in my 
writting or in my speech, but rather 
in the unimagined words that have not 
yet been written or uttered by the lips 
of man. 

Come, let us in our silence. 

                           The end. 

Mike Pacheco

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